Human Resources

The ever-changing labour environment in Ireland presents numerous challenges to business. Increased diversity, integration of older workers, training issues and the next round of partnership negotiations are just some of the issues facing HR managers and companies in the current business environment. Human Resources issues embracing labour relations, employment law, skills acquisition, flexible working arrangements, childcare, and female participation in the work force are key elements that today’s business’s need to be aware of.

With over a decade of HR experience to draw from Elaine Ryan and Associates is more than competent in handling current and upcoming issues involving Irish legislation and employee situations of all shapes and sizes. Key elements to be aware of in today’s climate involve subjects such as immigrant rights as well as the rights of your Irish employees. This diversity can at times cause confusion to an employer when trying to find a medium of management that suites all. Our HR advisory services are set up to both bring your company forward in the current legislative climate as well as to protect your business from unwanted and unneeded legal intrusions.

For a complimentary business health check use our contact us page or call us direct at: +353 (0)86 238 1555 for fast professional advice and service.

Protecting Your Business

Did you know that it is an employer’s obligation to provide a contract of employment within a two month period of hiring an employee? Many Employers are not aware of obligations such as these in Ireland’s current business climate. It is our commitment to stay up to date on any and all legislation concerning your business, allowing you to stay focused on your business at hand.

Protecting Your Employees

If you have been in business for any amount of time, you understand the value of those supporting your business and vision. Many times your employees do not understand their full commitment to their employer. We at Elaine Ryan and Associates work closely with your employees, giving them the precise reality of their accountability to you, therefore increasing production and overall profits to your business.

Protecting Your Customers

Customers are the key component to any business operation, Elaine Ryan and Associates solutions in this area of your business include, employee training, disciplinary measures when needed, and accountability procedures as your system structure requires, as well as guidelines in business to client relations. Protecting your client base is a key focus of our service providing you with the security you need.

Starting a Business

Starting a Business is a very exciting Endeavour, Full of decisions and challenges. Elaine Ryan & Associates can assist you in many facets of your new venture by placing key people proven in their fields directly in your path. Strategic planning can many times prove to be the determining factor of success or failure. As we would like to assist you in any way possible please feel free to contact us thru our contact us page or call us direct at +353 (0)86 238 1555

What we Do

  • Strategic Business planning according to your business needs
  • Recruitment solutions
  • Human Resource structure and implementation
  • Current Irish & EU employment legislation
  • Company Handbooks
  • Training / Team building events
  • Executive & Business coaching
  • Employee coaching
  • Terms and Conditions

Already Own a Business

Our Services are not restricted to new businesses. As the current climate changes so do the business standards that accompany it. Elaine Ryan and Associates offer a complimentary business health check for you outlining areas of your business that could use some improvement. Just use our contact us page for fast response time or call us direct at: +353 (0)86 2381555